A family owned and operated business, AJ and Associates has been providing expertise in all aspects of the electrical industry for more than 25 years.

We pride our business on expert service, quality products, installations, and efficient costing.

The company specializes in new circuitry installation, maintenance to existing circuitry, and retrofits to commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities, as well as residential property owners. In addition, we provide engineering/electrical design and installation for new facilities and upgrades to existing structures.

Furthermore, AJ and Associates supply, and install fully automated ‘back-up’ power generation systems. No more worries about ‘spoiled food’ when power outages occur!

The installation of a ‘fully automated back-up’ power generation system guarantees the availability of electricity during power outages making certain all daily operations of your business and residence is not affected by grid failure. This is an essential necessity for communications, heating, lighting, medical, and security requirements.